Date: August 26, 2014 | Time: 10:44am | Posted By: drmroski

Bad FormI have been seeing a lot of people at the gym lately who need some help. Lifting too much weight which in turn causes a breakdown in proper form, increasing the chance of injury and decreasing the benefits of the intended exercise. I saw one guy doing bicep curls who kept his elbows flexed 90 degrees the whole time while rapidly moving his shoulders up and down with a total movement of about 2 inches. This.... <view entire article>

mower lift

Date: May 29, 2014 | Time: 10:32am | Posted By: drmroski

Lift Correctly or Don't Lift! I have had a couple of patients in the last few months who have seriously injured their lower back by lifting their lawnmower, so I just wanted to post something to address improper lifting. Lifting a bulky item can really cause some problems. Even an item that really is not that heavy can overload the back if it is lifted improperly. Big boxes, mowers, and large pieces.... <view entire article>

computer back and neck

Date: February 25, 2014 | Time: 7:44am | Posted By: drmroski

Bad Computer!! Poor posture at the computer can cause pain. It is common for people to spend hours upon hours at work staring at a monitor and clicking their mouse. These same workers go home and continue this same activity while playing games, checking social media, or just browsing the internet. Repetitive stress like this can really take a toll on your back and neck. Laptops and handheld devices compound the problem.... <view entire article>

painful situp

Date: February 7, 2014 | Time: 7:16am | Posted By: drmroski

Lower Back Pain & Three Exercises You Should Avoid I just read an interesting article about the 3 exercises people with lower back pain should not do. Here they are:1. Elliptical Machines2. Crunches & Sit-Ups3. Leg Presses The first one surprised me a little. I assumed that because elliptical machines were low impact that it would be a good cardio exercise for people with lower back pain. It turns out that the.... <view entire article>

Spinal Decompression..

Date: November 19, 2013 | Time: 7:27am | Posted By: drmroski

Spinal DecompressionSpinal Decompression Therapy is a proven, non-surgical method of treatment to relieve persistent aches and pains stemming from disc problems such as disc bulge and disc herniation. Unlike the traditional traction of the past, spinal decompression can be directed at specific levels in the neck or back. Because it is level-specific, more spinal decompression is achieved using less force overall. This makes the treatment very comfortable. In fact, many of our patients become so relaxed during their treatment that.... <view entire article>

headforwarddeskHead Forward Effects..

Date: October 28, 2013 | Time: 4:29pm | Posted By: drmroski

Head Forward & Health Down The head-forward posture.... <view entire article>

When Do I Need An Adjustment ???..

Date: October 11, 2013 | Time: 1:00pm | Posted By: drmroski

A lot of patients who's initial complaints have resolved with our care ask me how often they should come back for care in the future. The answer is that it depends. I know that sounds like a pretty ambiguous answer, but let me explain. All of my patients become educated about their specific problem throughout the course of their care. They learn techniques to help them do their part in the.... <view entire article>

Chiropractic and Vertigo..

Date: October 9, 2013 | Time: 9:43am | Posted By: drmroski

Can Chiropractic Help Vertigo??? A quick post concerning BPV: I occasionally have patients come in that complain of vertigo that is worsened by certain body positions. This is a condition known as benign positional vertigo, or BPV. It is an inner ear disorder that is caused by clogging of one of the semicircular canals with otoliths (small crystals in the inner ear) that have been dislodged. Many of these patients have.... <view entire article>

Date: August 19, 2013 | Time: 1:57pm | Posted By: drmroski

Can Chiropractic Care Help Headaches? I have had many chiropractic patients in the Mandeville and Covington areas who have come to me for relief of their headaches, so I get this question a lot. The answer I usually give is that it depends, but the chances are good that chiropractic care can help. The most common cause of chronic, recurring headaches is upper neck dysfunction. These types of headaches are known as cervicogenic.... <view entire article>

Home Care for Low Back Pain..

Date: May 31, 2013 | Time: 3:23pm | Posted By: drmroski

Patients ask me all the time what they can do at home to manage their low back pain. This is a very important question. Patients get relief when they come to the office for treatment, but can cause their pain to resurface or worsen by doing the wrong things at home in an attempt to self-treat. One of the most common mistakes is using a heating pad on an already inflamed lower.... <view entire article>

I Believe in Chiropractic..

Date: January 21, 2013 | Time: 11:00am | Posted By: drmroski

It never ceases to amaze me when I hear a patient say that they know someone who says that they "don't believe in chiropractic". I understand that people might not understand what it is and how it works, but that doesn't stop these same people from believing in other things that have a whole lot less research and evidence supporting its existence. I guess those people are not saying that they do not believe.... <view entire article>

Treatment for Sciatic Pain..

Date: November 19, 2012 | Time: 9:55am | Posted By: drmroski

I recently came across an article about the use of epidural steroid injections for sciatic pain. The study analyzed the results from two dozen clinical trials on thousands of patients. The study concluded that "epidural injections (into the spine) of corticosteroids had no long- or short-term effect on sciatica back pain, and such a small short-term effect on leg pain it would make no difference to the patient." A link to this article.... <view entire article>

Common Sense Treatment Progression..

Date: October 29, 2012 | Time: 2:30pm | Posted By: drmroski

I am seeing a disturbing pattern starting to emerge in regard to the treatment that a typical lower back pain patient goes through prior to seeing a surgeon. The norm now goes something like this: The patient goes to his primary care doctor with lower back pain. His doctor prescribes some medications and orders a MRI. Sometimes a the patient is referred for some PT, which usually consists of some stretching,.... <view entire article>

Functional Rehab for Low Back Pain..

Date: October 22, 2012 | Time: 4:51pm | Posted By: drmroski

There is a problem in traditional rehabilitation for lower back pain. I see patients every day who, despite the fact that they have had extensive treatment and rehabilitation, still exhibit instability in functional positions. They almost always describe to me exercises that they were taught that include ball exercises, abdomen strengthening, and the like. Lumbar core stabilization is, unfortunately, not equal to abdomen strength. It is all about coordination and co-contraction.... <view entire article>

Structure and Function..

Date: October 19, 2012 | Time: 4:14pm | Posted By: drmroski

What is chiropractic and what to doctors of chiropractic do? That is a really good question. Chiropractors believe that the structure of your body greatly effects how it functions. Not just how you move around or how fast you can run and those types of things but how you function overall. We are talking joints, muscles, nerves, ligaments, organs, and everything else. Your brain controls every cell and organ in your body. Its nerve.... <view entire article>